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Introducing TemecuLove!

With the conclusion of wedding season, many of us Temecula wedding photographers and other wedding vendors find ourselves left with extra time. This is because wedding photography is very much a seasonal occupation that consumes our time during the popular months for marriage such as October and May. During the Early Summer and Fall months a wedding photographer will routinely work every single weekend, sometimes multiple times during a weekend, and then edit for 10-12 hours per day all week in order to get a bride and groom their wedding photos in the fastest time possible. It can feel brutal at times during these peak months, but it is essential because during the Winter very few people get married, and the rent always has to get paid. Although family photos and holiday portraits can get some people through those slow months, recently another friend in the wedding industry and I got together to create a online resource for businesses and consumers in the Temecula Valley region. The company is called TemecuLove, and both the Temecula coupon blog and daily deals portion of the website are now live!

TemecuLove: Designed For Locals By Locals

Temecula is a growing region with a number of popular amenities that draw both out-of-towners and locals into the city and Temecula wineries. The Promenade mall area, casino, Temecula wineries and historic old town businesses offer a wide and diverse form of entertainment avenues for both the young and the old. Personally, all of my wedding photography clients who visit Temecula always have nothing but positive things to say about my hometown. And one of the things that gives the city of Temecula it’s small town feel are the wonderful and unique businesses that operate here. Unfortunately, many of these locally owned businesses struggle to gain exposure and get the word out about their enterprises. This is part of what led to the creation of TemecuLove.

When TemecuLove was conceived, the idea behind it was to make the company a complete resource for everything people love about Temecula. One component would be a blog with a local spotlight feature of a business that would allow people to better connect with that particular business. Another was an aggressive social marketing effort that utilized both Facebook and Twitter to run fun Temecula contests and promotions to let locals know about some of the local Temecula businesses people may not have heard of. And the last of the primary components is a Temecula daily deals website that offers discounted pricing on these locally businesses because what else motivates a person to try a local sushi place or shop at a lingerie store than a good ole’ fashioned discount? Of course, there are many other components that will make TemecuLove advantageous to both consumers and businesses.

What has made the launch of this Temecula daily deals and coupon resource company so special has been the outpouring of support. Support from both locally owned and operated businesses as well as Temecula shoppers. In only a couple months, the TemecuLove Facebook page has generated over 1,000 fans, had posts seen by nearly 25,000 people and received hundreds and hundreds of comments upon promotions and contests. The beginning of the journey has been incredibly positive, and there is so much more coming down the pipeline that all of us behind TemecuLove are beyond excited about!