Temecula Courthouse Wedding Ceremony

Temecula Courthouse Wedding Pictures

Ryan & Lydia’s Intimate Wedding

One of the most unique things about being a wedding photographer is the type of clients you get. Sometimes a bride will hit you up two years before her wedding, constantly email you about every detail from the decor to the timeline, and generally want to manage the wedding day like a NASA mission to Mars. Then there are other brides who will hit you up literally the day before their wedding. When I found out Lydia and Ryan were getting married at the Temecula courthouse I got the phone call the day before. And you know what? Who cares. All that matters to me is showing up, bringing good energy, and doing my best to turn bad lighting and locations into something that looks pretty f**king rad. That was definitely the goal on this day given that Ryan & Lydia’s courthouse wedding was set for the afternoon when the sun was blasting down on us, and the surrounding area really forced me to dig deep to find rad spots to shoot. I could go on and on about this couple, but since we literally met the day of the shoot most of that on and on would be bullshit. What I will say is that they were an awesome couple who were super relaxed and genuinely in love. Below are a handful of photos from out hour together in Temecula. Cheers!

Temecula Courthouse Wedding Temecula Courthouse Wedding Temecula Courthouse Wedding Temecula Courthouse Wedding

Courthouse Wedding Temecula, CA

Shooting in soft golden light with epic mountain backdrops is always great, but you know what? Fishing with dynamite doesn’t make you a good fisherman. This is the reason why I have always felt the best wedding photographers are the ones who can capture authentic emotion and good vibes in the worst light and at the worst locations. Now I am not saying the Temecula courthouse is the worst location (I have certainly seen many worse), but it certainly sucks from an aesthetic standpoint. However, those are the times us wedding photographers earn our money!

Temecula Courthouse Wedding Temecula Courthouse Wedding

Congratulations to Ryan and Lydia! I wish you both the absolute best together, and sincerely hope you enjoy these images of your Temecula courthouse wedding as much as I enjoyed capturing them!