Temecula Dog Park Photography

Dog Park Photos

Pretty much everyday I try to get off my lazy butt for 15 minutes or so to take my dog Sinatra for a walk. Even if it is a short one to the mailbox around the corner or around the entire block, making time for the dog is important in my eyes. At this stage in my life I have no children, only this small furry guy who barks excessively and enjoys peeing on stuff outside more than anything in the entire world. Sinatra will honestly come into my office when I’m editing wedding photos, jump on my lap and start whining to let me know it’s time to go for a walk if I work passed the normal time we go for our walks. He’s so freaking smart it’s incredible. This dog even knows when  my fiancée is home from work by the make and model of her vehicle when he sees it pass by the window! He’s like a miniature Buddha covered in hair.

When Sinatra gets his daily walks he is much less inclined to bark or engage in other annoying dog behaviors that can be distracting to a Temecula wedding photographer like myself who is trying to sort and edit wedding photos. Combine that with the simple fact it is nice to take a break and step outside for a bit, and walking the dog is a win-win situation for everyone. Unfortunately, deadlines need to be met, beds need to be made and dishes have to be done before big momma comes home. Reality can be like a cold hard slap across the face, and the first victim is always the dog’s walks. When my dog Sinatra has to feel the letdown of having his walks robbed from him multiple times in the same week, a feeling of guilt begins to grow inside me. The poor guy has one thing to look forward to everyday, and if I get busy he is left to wait another day for his walk. I can see the pain in his little brown eyes, and can understand why he becomes vindictive, pooping on my office floor. When I run into a really busy week, usually during wedding season, I have to make up for all the missed walks. When an injustice has occurred, things must be set right! This is when I take Sinatra to the dog park, the Holy Grail of the dog world. Here are some photos of my best friend, Corissa and I during a recent trip to a Temecula dog park off Margarita Road called the Redhawk Community Park.