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Temecula Elopement Packages

Are You Dreaming Of A Temecula Elopement In Wine Country?

Planning even a small wedding can be very stressful, especially when you factor in work schedules, finances, and crazy family members. The truth is wedding planning can drive even the sanest bride and groom into pure madness. Thankfully, there is an answer for couples who want to avoid the headaches of the traditional wedding but still have a great time. The answer is a destination elopement, and one of the fastest-growing destinations for couples to elope is Temecula wine country.

Temecula elopements are great for brides and grooms seeking warm weather, a relaxing atmosphere, and gorgeous vineyard views. Resting in between San Diego and Orange County, simply get on Interstate 15 and exit Rancho California Road, and boom you are in the heart of Temecula wine country. The best part about eloping in Temecula is the city offers a number of amenities for couples who want to elope in Temecula wine country that includes hiking trails, horseback rides, day spas, hot air balloon rides, and plenty of world-class wines. So let’s go over some of the things couples should know about planning a Temecula elopement!

Temecula Elopement

Places To Elope In Temecula

Temecula has a number of private estates and luxurious hotels in wine country that are the perfect locations for a Temecula elopement. However, a recent city council ordinance has cracked down on short-term rentals in the area so it is important to know this before booking an Airbnb or Temecula vacation rentals. This is the reason why many couples researching Temecula elopement packages typically are better off working directly with one of the amazing wineries in Temecula, ca. Not only do the properties have so much to offer, but the staff has years of experience coordinating both large traditional wedding and intimate Temecula wine country elopements. Now let’s take a closer look at some of the more trendy Temecula elopement photo spots!

Mount Palomar Winery

With breathtaking views, a highly rated restaurant, and numerous spots perfect for wedding photos, Mount Palomar is a fantastic option for any Temecula elopement. The best part is that a photography session at Mount Palomar Winery is only $150 for 2 hours, making it a very affordable Temecula elopement location for couples! So if you are looking for elegant wine country photos for your elopement in Temecula this is definitely a venue to check out!

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Mount Palomar Wedding Temecula

Ponte Winery

One of the most popular vineyards in Temecula wine country, Ponte is a fantastic location for any couple considering a Temecula elopement. The wedding venue has a semi-Olympic size pool, in-room spa services, and a bar at the Inn that has live entertainment. Ponte always offers an on-site restaurant that cooks up the best vegetarian lasagna in the valley! Couples looking to elope in Temecula will find that Ponte has all the amenities for a perfect destination wedding.

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Ponte Winery Wedding Photos Temecula

Lake Oak Meadows

Located off Glen Oaks Road on the outskirts of wine country, Lake Oak Meadows is an intimate winery estate surrounded by lush trees that make the perfect setting for any Temecula elopement. This lakeside private wedding venue offers a beautiful dock, fountains of fire, fountains of water, and quaint vineyards that all provide a beautiful backdrop for elopement photos.

Check out a Temecula wedding at Lake Oak Meadows by clicking here!

Wedding Photos At Lake Oak Meadows Temecula

Private Estate In De Luz

For brides and grooms who love Temecula but don’t want a wine country wedding, De Luz is the perfect location. With gorgeous views overlooking the Temecula Valley, orange groves, and avocado orchards, De Luz is an ideal spot for couples who want privacy for their elopement. This is because the private estates in De Luz are all very secluded, giving privacy to anyone eloping there.

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Backyard Wedding Temecula

Falkner Winery

For the couple seeking simplicity, Falkner Winery is a fantastic choice as a destination for any Temecula elopement. This Temecula winery wedding venue located off Calle Contento has lush vineyards, a garden area that is perfect to relax and wine taste at, and of course the Pinnacle Restaurant which offers a stunning bird’ eye view of wine country. The vineyard wedding ceremony pathway is surrounded by gorgeous white roses, tall cypress trees, olive trees, a handcrafted wood stage where the ceremony takes place, and of course, the entire area is surrounded by vineyards.

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Falkner Winery Wedding

Inn At Churon Winery

An affordable Temecula wedding venue, the Inn at Churon Winery is a fantastic location for any couple planning a Temecula elopement. What makes the Inn at Churon Winery unique is that the wedding ceremony area has an elevated Grand Gazebo that overlooks the 11-acre vineyards, relaxing waterfalls, and panoramic views of wine country. This wedding venue really is perfect for couples who want the full wine country experience but don’t want to break the bank for their Temecula elopement.

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Churon Winery Temecula Wedding Photos

Temecula Wine Country Airbnb

Although the local city council has stated they will be enforcing a ban on short-term rentals like Airbnbs in Temecula, many areas of wine country are considered unincorporated and therefore part of the county. That means rocking your Temecula elopement at a wine country Airbnb could be the answer to all your wedding planning problems! There are a number of picturesque wine country Airbnbs that are the perfect setting for a Temecula elopement, and the best part is you can literally have the ceremony in the backyard of the property! So rent an Airbnb, get married on the property, and maybe even jump into the pool when you the night is over!

Check out a Temecula wine country wedding at an Airbnb by clicking here.

Wedding Photos Temecula

Wiens Family Cellars

For eloping brides and grooms who want to get married on a winery estate but at the same time want something elegantly simple, Wiens Winery offers the perfect setting. Located off Rancho California Road in the heart of Temecula wine country, Wiens Winery has a beautiful ceremony area that is surrounded by lush vineyards along with incredible views of the mountains. The Temecula winery also has a really unique citrus grove that provides a lovely change in scenery for wedding photos. Enjoy a private outdoor wedding reception under romantic market lights or inside the Event Pavilion that offers a neutral palette with some really cool handcrafted details.

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Wiens Winery Wedding

Temecula Wedding Venues For Eloping Couple

Additional Locations For Couples Who Want To Elope In Temecula 

  • Villa De Amore
  • Temecula Creek Inn (Stone House)
  • Europa Village
  • Two Sisters Farms
  • Abbott Manor
  • Aviation Vineyards
  • SouthCoast Winery
  • Wilson Creek Winery
  • Callaway Winery
  • Lorimar Winery
  • Danza Del Sol Winery 
  • Avensole Winery
  • Chapin Family Vineyards

Temecula Elopement

Temecula Elopement Packages

Elope Temecula Wine Country 

YOU DID IT! You made the wise decision to actually enjoy every moment of your wedding day and, unfortunately, that requires you bailing out on your friends and family to elope in Temecula, ca. FANTASTIC! Excellent decision! This is your wedding day and the one thing it shouldn’t be is emotionally stressful or a financial punch to the gut. Now that you have decided to elope in Temecula wine country, the next step is booking a Temecula elopement photographer to capture you and your partner in all your wedding day awesomeness. Temecula elopement packages investment will differ based upon the photography coverage each couple feels is best for them. Temecula winery elopement packages for photography are as follows:

  1. One hour of Temecula elopement photography $800
  2. Two hours of Temecula elopement photography $1,500
  3. Three hours of Temecula elopement photography $2,100

Ryan Horban is a wedding photographer in Temecula wine country who has photographed hundreds of Temecula elopements and weddings His current favorite hobbies include semi-decent workouts at the gym, petting dogs, making sweet love to his wife while Duran Duran plays in the background, and photographing awesome couples who get married in Temecula!

Temecula wedding videography options are also available!