Temecula Engagement Photos

5 Best Temecula Engagement Photo Locations

Engaged couples researching the many different possible locations for their engagement photos will most likely discover Temecula. Located in Southern California about an hour north of San Deigo, Temecula is rapidly becoming one of the most popular destinations for engagement pictures. And rightfully so! With warm weather all year round, a lively historic Old Town area, and majestic wine country, Temecula has many diverse settings that are perfect for engagement pictures. But before you find that perfect ummer dress at Free People and begin mapping out spots for wine tasting, take a moment and check out some of these popular Temecula engagement photo locations!

Falkner Temecula Winery Engagement Photos

When it comes to Temecula engagement photo locations the spot that will top every best-of list would be Temecula wine country. The reason is that the soft golden light, stunning green vineyards, and quiet landscape are simply everything. All the heart eyes as the Instagram gals would say! Today, there are over 50 venues in Temecula wine country and pretty much all of them would be a great location for engagement pictures, but the reason I chose Falkner Winery is that 1) Loretta, the Falkner venue owner, is super kind and most likely won’t charge for a photo permit to use her property for Temecula engagement photos 2) There are many unique angles of the vineyard that allow a photographer to get creative 3) An awesome red barn door provides a rustic setting, and 4) the garden area is the perfect quiet little place for wine tasting. Located right off Rancho California Road, Falkner Winery is easily accessible and just a wonderful location for Temecula engagement photos!

Crush & Brew Old Town Temecula Engagement Photos

Temecula Engagement Photos

So you might be wondering why I used an engagement photo of a couple between some green shrubs when talking about how cool Crush & Brew is as a Temecula engagement photo location? The reason is that not only is the restaurant/wine bar an awesome location, but even the outside area provides little secret spots that are fantastic for Temecula engagement photos! Honestly, Crush & Brew is a great location for Temecula engagement pictures because it is centrally located in historic Old Town, the location has great food & drinks, the wine bar is super photogenic, and there is even a hidden speakeasy inside the restaurant called Thompson & Twain that is a must-see. So grab some food, explore Old Town Temecula, and afterward get a signature cocktail at the speakeasy!

Blackbird Tavern Temecula Engagement Photos

Wine Country Temecula Engagement Photos

Most couples are a little nervous about engagement photos and that is the reason I always encourage them to explore a location they have always wanted to visit or simply insert a few adult beverages beforehand to loosen up. Yes, alcohol, when used correctly, can be an amazing tool. This is why boozing before your Temecula engagement pictures is definitely a good decision and one of the coolest locations for drinks is in Old Town Temecula at a place called Blackbird Tavern. What makes Blackbird Tavern a great spot for Temecula engagement photos is that it is located right in the heart of Old Town. That means after a couple has captured some candid photos over drinks and utilized the amazing back patio area at Blackbird they can explore all the hidden Temecula engagement photo locations around the popular Old Town area!

Santa Rosa Plateau

South Coast Winery Engagement Photos

One of the coolest parts about rocking Temecula engagement photos at the Santa Rosa Plateau is the outdoor vibe in the gallery. Santa Rosa Plateau is an ecological reserve located on the southeastern side of the Santa Ana mountains on the outskirts of the Temecula/Murrieta area. Santa Rosa Plateau is a popular spot for hikers, horse riders, and mountain bikers, but it is also is a great location for Temecula engagement photos. What makes Santa Rosa Plateau a great spot for an engagement session are the many little spots off the trails that are perfect for a picnic or romantic photoshoot. These spots include open trails, rock formations, and grand Engelmann Oaks that make for a fantastic setting for Temecula engagement photography.

Engagement Photos At Lorimar Winery

Temecula Elopement

There are a lot of wonderful spots for Temecula engagement photos in wine country and I will definitely be putting together a list of the best Temecula winery engagement photos locations soon, but for now, I am going to close with Lorimar Winery. The reason I put Lorimar on the list of best locations for Temecula engagement photos vs many of the other Temecula wedding venues is that Lorimar Winery offers a more diverse setting. Yes, Lorimar has the vines for that romantic backdrop, but it also offers a beautiful orange grove. The tall orange groves are a great spot for photographers shooting in harsh light, and the setting also provides a stunning vanishing point that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. And the best part? After the Temecula engagement session couples can do a little wine tasting!

Couples who are planning to elope in Temecula and want information about wine country check out this elopement guide!