Temecula Engagement Session With Mike + Crystal

Engagement In Temecula, California


Mike and Crystal are a couple kids in love who will be getting married later this year. The couple planned on having their wedding ceremony last year but Mike had been busy touring as a backup dancer for Jennifer Lopez. That is correct, Mike is a professional dancer and he takes his occupation very serious. In fact, during the Temecula engagement session he talked about how he has a strict gluten-free diet and a rigorous training schedule that has him in his personal dance studio working on moves 12 hours per day. When I asked him what he does during his dance training, Mike said he, “basically puts on a N’Sync album and the moves just come to him like a shooting star in a Wintery night sky”. What makes this couple so unique is that Crystal hates J-Lo, but this is not that surprising considering most people hate their significant others’ boss. Especially, when you hear the real stories like how J-Lo makes Mike get her a diet Coke with exactly 3 cubes of ice during lunch or how she makes Mike dress up like Marc Anthony just so she can yell at him. However, Crystal understood Mike’s deep passion for dance and supported him and even though it delayed marriage plans things have finally come to fruition. Mike and Crystal will be getting married later this year at Mission Inn located in Riverside, California and below are the photos of their engagement session that were captured in Temecula, California. Enjoy!

Temecula Engagement SessionTemecula Engagement SessionTemecula Engagement SessionTemecula Engagement SessionTemecula Engagement SessionTemecula Engagement Session


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Photographer Credit: Ryan Horban

Location: Temecula, California