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Life can move at a lightning-fast pace sometimes, and as the father, to a 2-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter, I can see that hourglass sand moving too quickly every single day. As a wedding photographer in Temecula, I have photographed over 300+ weddings throughout the country from Palm Springs, Chicago, San Diego, Miami and all over the place. As much as I LOVE shooting weddings, since I had my children I have found an equal passion for photographing families. The reason is that I understand how quickly a baby girl in love with her Elmo stuffed toy can turn into an inquisitive little lady who now loves Elsa dolls and Fancy Nancy toys. Things change so fast that when as a parent you look at photos of your kids from even a year ago you can see that things are so much more different. In a good way and in a way that sort of makes you feel sad and nostalgic. Now I have tons of videos and photos of my children that were captured on my iPhone, but the ones that really bring warmth to my heart are the professional photos I have hanging on my walls. The family photos that serve as a time capsule of what my family and children were like at one point in time in life. Those memories and moments are priceless to me, and that is why I use my photography in a way to record those same priceless memories for other families.

Temecula Family Photos Temecula Family Photos


Family Portrait Photographer Temecula

When most people think about getting family portraits in Temecula they sometimes feel that family photo sessions are for new parents or people with small children. There’s nothing further from the truth! Honestly, I frequently capture photos of families and their adult children in a number of different settings throughout Temecula whether that be in a traditional outdoor setting like Temecula wine country, or somewhere fun where the whole family can relax over some adult beverages. From a family portrait photographer perspective, my only goal is to capture a family in a way that is authentic and real to THEM! The goal is to avoid stiff and overly-posed Temecula family photos that are absent of any real feeling. So I encourage families to continue documenting their lives and let’s do it in a way that is fun. Even if that means a little or a lot of champagne!

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Temecula Family Photography Locations

When it comes to choosing the best Temecula family photography locations there are a lot of options. For families who want the setting of their Temecula family photo session to have an urban feel the best location would probably be the historic downtown region. Old Town Temecula has a ton of little hidden gems that can give family photos a splash of backdrop energy. For families more interested in a natural outdoor setting there are a number of rad locations such as the Santa Rosa Plateau, Live Oak Park (Technically Fallbrook), or one of the many wineries in Temecula. However, my personal suggestion for Temecula family photos is to keep things simple. That means an in-home session where I can capture you and your family in a setting that is natural to you.

Shooting in a client’s home has many benefits. The first being that little kids are MOST comfortable at home so the likelihood of a baby or small child being shy is reduced. But the main reason I recommend in-home family sessions is because the photos will serve as a time capsule for your family. They will more accurately record this chapter in your families’ life. The family photos will remind you of your children’s bedrooms, their favorite toys, and all the little details that a Temecula portrait session in a lovely outdoor setting can’t offer.

Best Photo Spots In Temecula

  • In-Home Session
  • Temecula Wine Country
  • Santa Rosa Plateau
  • Rose Haven Heritage Garden
  • Old Town Temecula
  • Harveston Lake Park
  • Humphrey’s Estate
  • Abandon Places In Temecula
  • Live Oak Park

Please know that many Temecula wineries and Santa Rosa Plateau require a permit fee for photography 

Temecula Family Photos Temecula Family Photos Temecula Family Photos

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How Much Are Family Photos Temecula?

Temecula family photos are an investment in your story. You and your families’ journey through this human experience. Documenting your family memories in a fashion that is genuine is something that can bring immense joy because one of the most important things in life is family. This is why parents should focus less on how much Temecula family photos are and more on the value they bring. What is the price of waking up each morning or coming home late at night from work to see a beautiful photo on your wall of your family that instantly brings a smile on your face? A family photograph that reminds you even if work sucks and life can be hard that as long as you have your family nothing else matters?

Rose Haven Heritage Garden Rose Haven Heritage Garden

Temecula Family Portraits

Mini Session Packages 

Families interested in investing in Temecula family portraits can choose between one of two packages. The first is an affordable Temecula family photo mini session of $250 for 20 minutes. This will include at least 30 images, all professionally edited and delivered within 14 days. Temecula family photos will be uploaded to an online gallery where the client can download all the images for free. The second option is an hour family photo session for $600. This is a more detailed Temecula family photography experience best reserved for people who rarely have family photos taken. Clients investing in the hourly session can expect to get back 90+ photos, all professionally edited and delivered within 10 days. Temecula family photos will be uploaded to an online gallery where the client can download all the images for free. Photos can be shared with family and friends as well!

Package 1: 20 Minute Family Mini Session $400

Package 2: One Hour Temecula Portrait Photography Session $800

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Your Story Matters

Final Thoughts On Temecula Family Photos

I want to close with some photos and a little backstory that puts my message into perspective. Last year a family from Michigan had their adult son and daughters (who lived in Florida +East Coast) all meet up in Southern California for a holiday family session. They drank champagne, laughed and had an AMAZING time together. Little did I know at the time, but the mother had terminal cancer and was only given a handful of months left to live. These family photos were some of the last good memories they had together, and the children have messaged me many times that they literally are the best family photos they could have ever asked for because they documented one of the last moments of family joy. As I said before, life can move at a lightning-fast pace and we never really understand how quickly things can change. So take the time to get some family photos. Give yourself a reason to get dressed up. Plan on a family dinner afterward. Make a freaking awesome day out of it all. I promise it will be a worthy investment.

Temecula Family Photographer Temecula Family Photographer Temecula Family Photographer Temecula Family Photographer