Temecula Family Photos

For some odd reason, most photographers do not like to classify or define themselves as “wedding photographers“. Maybe it is some mild form of ego, or the fact they simply view themselves in the same level as some of the real photographic artists such as Mr. Top Gun himself, Ansel Adams. Personally, I enjoy photographing a number of different things as well, such as people, events, my feet and my dog when he is sleeping, but when random strangers and acquaintances ask me what I do, I am quick and proud to proclaim that I shoot weddings.

With wedding season just around the corner, many of us “wedding photographers” have had some holes in our schedules that allow us to shoot other stuff like maternity photos, family photos, engagement photos and personal photos. Since I myself also had some flexibility in my schedule recently, I was more than willing to hang out and photograph a family hanging out during a casual gathering at their home this past Friday. Below are some random shots I took at their house off Temecula Parkway near Butterfield Stage Road. Although the setting was nothing more than a simple backyard of a track home, and inside the house, I was really happy with some of the photographs I captured. Not to mention, the simplicity of the shoot made me feel comfortable enough using some Visual Supply Actions created by a local Temecula wedding photographer. The actions are actually pretty cool, and have been endorsed by a number of reputable (and stupid expensive) wedding photographers in Southern California such as Bobby Earle.

This series of photographs is basically what made me decide to blog about this photo-shoot in Temecula. The family took down this irie looking hammock in hope that the kid in the pictures below would sit and chill out on it so I could get some photos. Unfortunately, the hammock only added fuel to his fire, as he began folding the hammock and playing inside of it. I was able to play some peek-a-boo-ish, large loud guy with a camera games to get some photos. Total crap shoot, but I was pretty happy with what I came across. Typically, I do not prefer photographs where the sun is harsh and fragmented on the skin (especially the face), but the colors and feel of these shots were absolute gold.