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One of the most exciting times in the lives of our family was when my wife Corissa was pregnant. Well, it was exciting for me the entire time, but not so much her the first trimester when morning sickness and cranky vibes resonated throughout our household. Thankfully, we had a healthy pregnancy without complications. During the pregnancy, we never hired a professional Temecula maternity photographer to capture both of us in the image which is something I do regret. However, I am glad that we made the time to at least get some maternity photos of her because these moments in life really are rare. They are an important part of our story in this human experience. This is the reason why I highly encourage everyone to invest in maternity photography.

Temecula Wine Country Maternity Photos Temecula Wine Country Maternity Photos Temecula Wine Country Maternity Photos Temecula Wine Country Maternity Photos

Great Places To Take Maternity Pictures In Temecula

One of the more frequently asked questions I receive is where are the best Temecula maternity photo locations? For pregnant women seeking an outdoor setting for their photo shoot, one of the best places to take maternity photos is Temecula wine country. There are a number of great locations in Temecula wine country for maternity photos that include:

  • Falkner Winery
  • Lake Oak Meadows
  • Europa Village
  • Ponte Winery
  • Wilson Creek Winery

For pregnant women seeking an outdoor location for their Temecula maternity photos that is not in wine country, other cool spots for maternity photography include The Alpaca Farm, Live Oak Park, Rose Haven Heritage Garden, Santa Rosa Plateau, Old Town Temecula, and of course at home for those seeking a more intimate setting for their Temecula maternity photography.

Temecula Maternity Photography

When most people think of maternity photos they often think of a pregnant woman in a field holding up a chalkboard sign with the babies’ due date on it. Personally, just the thought of that image is hideous to me, and this is why I explain to my clients who are investing in Temecula maternity photography to be creative with their photo shoot. That means maybe opting for creative family maternity photos or something that is simply unique to you and your family. There is no need to search Pinterest for “pregnancy pictures ideas for couples“. Trust yourself and the advice from the Temecula maternity photographer you hire for your shoot!

temeucla outdoor family photography temeucla outdoor family photography temeucla outdoor family photography

How Much Does a Temecula Maternity Photo Shoot Cost?

Couples looking to invest in Temecula maternity photos can expect to pay around $475 for a 20-minute mini-session or $900 for an hour of photography services. Temecula maternity photography packages include copyright release, full-color correction of photos, and an online gallery where the high-resolution photos can be downloaded for free. The typical turnaround time for a maternity photoshoot to be completed and ready for delivery is approximately 3 weeks.

Maternity Photos In Temecula

Best Places For Maternity Photoshoot

Unique maternity photos are a great way to remember the beauty of pregnancy. This is why taking a little time to figure out the best way to incorporate pregnancy photo shoot ideas with husband or even maternity photos with dogs can really result in an experience that is more personal to your style. Here is another pro tip, the best place for a maternity photoshoot is wherever you want to go! That could be Disneyland, the beach, mountains, or a destination. Personally, my wife and I rocked our maternity photos in Palm Springs the first time and Big Sur the second time that way we could tie in our babymoon into the session. We were also seeking destination maternity locations that way the entire maternity shoot would feel more organic and authentic to us. So don’t be afraid to book a babymoon and tie the maternity photos into that little getaway