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Photo Booths: Making Your Temecula Wedding Awesome



As a wedding photographer in Temecula the majority of my photography takes place in the Temecula wineries, but just because a bride and groom choose a vineyard for their wedding venue doesn’t mean they don’t love to party! This is why I am constantly asked by soon-to-be brides and grooms about the weddings I photographed in the past. What these brides and grooms want to know is what made some weddings boring compared to those that were f***ing awesome! They ask this because every bride and groom wants to have the type of memorable wedding that guests will remember for decades to come. Naturally, there are a lot of different factors and variables that can sway the party pendulum, but as a photographer who has documented over 100 weddings with clients who had wedding budgets ranging from $2500-$100,000 the one constant has been the photo booth. Photo booths are like the new party accessory for weddings that rock. Photo booths are on par with red party cups, bad decisions and booze in all its glorious self. Here are the top 5 reasons why I tell anyone wanting a kick ass wedding to invest in a photo booth.

1. Photos Booths Are Fun For Everyone



I don’t know what it is about purple pimp hats, fake mustaches and pink boas that totally energize a group of people but it happens at every wedding where a photo booth is present. See the cool thing about a photo booth is that it connects with everyone whether a person is young, old, man, woman, sober or drunk. So put a boy band cowboy hat on grandpa and big yellow polka dot tie on grandma and just watch the wacky shenanigans unfold. WARNING: grandpa and grandma might have so much fun they may begin to passionately make out like a couple teenagers at your wedding.

2. Give Guests Party Favors They Will Actually Enjoy


I’m sure everyone will enjoy that bottle opener, candle or mason jar with your initials and wedding date inscribed on them as a wedding favor. No seriously, they will love them so much they will put them in the kitchen junk drawer or garage so they are safe forever. Your guests have likely traveled from far away, taken time off work and paid for hotel accommodations so please don’t thank them with nothing more than a small bag of Hershey Kisses with your last name on them. What’s cool about photo booths is that they print two strips: one for the guest and one for the wedding couple. Every time someone steps in front of that photo booth they are getting a keepsake that is awesome. And if there is one thing that the selfie generation has taught us it’s that people like themselves way more than you. So give them the gift of themselves dressed up like a fool. They will seriously appreciate it more than a mason jar.

3. Not Everyone Has Moves Like Jagger



Girls like to dance. Kids like to dance. Really, really drunk dudes like to dance. That’s the entire list. Not everyone can pull off the Dougie, rock it Gangnam Style or follow the simple yet complex steps of the Cha Cha Slide. However, just because a wedding guest doesn’t have moves like Jagger doesn’t mean they want to sit at their pre-assigned table #4 and watch the party from the sidelines. Wedding guests shouldn’t have to be penalized because they don’t understand the language-less art of dance. A photo booth is the perfect outlet for a non-dancer to showcase their personality and still have a good time. Photo booths maximize party potential and keep the good times rolling for all.

4. Wedding Books That Rock

Your wedding book should have personality because you have a personality. It shouldn’t look like a high school yearbook where friends scribble “Have a nice Summer!” Photo booths print out two strips of photos that allow the guest to walk away with a cool little keepsake while the other photo strip is then placed inside a book managed by the photo booth attendant. The book is filled with these photo strips along with well wishes written inside from attending wedding guests. It’s a creative, fun and unique way for wedding guests to share their love.

5. You Want People To Have A Good Time



You have style. You have personality. But most importantly you know how to have fun. This is why you started researching cool ways to keep guests entertained in the first place. Wedding ceremonies are about a lifelong commitment between two people in love but the wedding reception is about friends, family and fun. This is why wedding receptions have dancing, drinks and now photo booths. Life is about having a good time and if you are a bride or groom who wants all of your guests to have some fun then look no further than the photo booth.

Photo Booth Rentals In Temecula, California

You want your wedding to be fun, memorable and to kick ass. Basically, you decided there is no way you are getting married without having a photo booth at the reception for your Temecula Valley wedding. Good call! The only question that remains is what Temecula Photo Booth Rental company to choose. When it comes to a wedding, cutting corners can be a very, VERY bad idea. Finding a local restaurant through online deal websites such as Groupon can be a good way to save a little money, but you would NEVER want to hire your wedding photographer, florist or DJ on deal sites like that. Why? Because you know those wedding vendors would be garbage. So then why the frigging heck would you choose a photo booth company from those same deal sites!? In my personal experience I have found only one photo booth company worth recommending to my brides and grooms and that photo booth company is Life of the Party Booth.

The reason I stick my neck and professional reputation on the line for Life of the Party is because I have worked with them numerous times and know firsthand they rock. The photo booth company provides lots of cool props, offers different backdrops for clients to choose from, has on site printing, carries full insurance, have worked at every popular winery in the Temecula Valley and most importantly keep things fun. They don’t just sit back and let the photo booth do the work like almost every other company I have seen. What makes them unique is that they actively engage with the wedding guests and try to get even the grumpiest of people out of their socially awkward shells. So hit them up and tell them I sent you and maybe they will kick you down a deal or something.