Temecula Senior Photos

A New Adventure: Senior Pictures

Temecula Senior Photos

What makes photography so beautiful is that it can literally stop time. A photograph can store the most important, exciting, monumental or simple everyday moments in a person’s life. That’s why photography is so remarkable in its simplicity. One moment most adults can relate to and look back upon with fond memory is the transition from high school student to high school graduate. This is the time when the whole world is full of possibility. Some people move on after high school to college, others get jobs, but all are bestowed a sense of freedom that can only be described as pure youthful exuberance. Endless possibility and opportunity.

As a Temecula wedding photographer there is nothing I enjoy more than documenting the beginning of a story between a man and woman stepping into a lifelong commitment to one another. However, there is something magical about documenting the beginning of any story. Like the story of a child being born or even the story of a high school student moving into a new life filled with both responsibility and freedom. This is the story of a young lady set to graduate from high school next week and these are the photographs of her final days as a senior.

As Steve Jobs once said so eloquently: stay hungry, stay foolish.