Temecula Wedding Photographer’s Best Photos Of 2012

Temecula Wedding Photographer Reflects On 2012


One of the best years of my life, 2012 was an incredible gift. I was able to photograph so many wonderful couples, spend time with amazing friends and most importantly I married my better half in Corissa. In 2012, I also turned the ripe and tender age of 30, acquired a palate for single malt scotch, began eating more vegan and somehow survived the zombie apocalypse that the Mayans so accurately predicted (Rule #1 Cardio & Rule #8 Get a Kick Ass Partner). Although my New Year’s resolution to get in shape never actually really transpired (I gained weight), 2012 was a journey full of accomplishment, madness and love that I wouldn’t trade for all the gold in the hills of Corona.

To all of the brides and grooms who let me photograph them on their wedding day, all I can say is thank you! You have all been so great to me and your support is very humbling. I wish nothing more than a very long, happy and healthy life for you all. And if/when you decide to pop out some kiddos and need family photos taken be sure to give me a shout (wink, wink)!

Without further to do, here is a compilation of some favorite engagement, personal and wedding photos taken in 2012.

(Raise your glass to the sky) Cheers to a great year and an even better one in 2013!

bestof2012Fbestof2012Bbestof2012Ibestof2012HBestof2012Cbestof2012Jbestof2012GBestof2012EBestof2012Dbestof2012zOnce again, thank you everyone for your support, love and encouragement. Being a small business owner can be a very challenging experience and that is why this photographer in Temecula appreciates all the comments, referrals and kind words on Facebook. You guys all rock! Now let’s close this bad boy up and get ready to kick the ass of 2013!

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