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DO NOT LISTEN TO YOUR FRIENDS OR FAMILY if they think for a second planning a Temecula wedding with zero event experience is easy. Since I like to focus on the positive let me rephrase it: investing in a kick ass wedding event planner will truly make your life so, so, sooooooo much easier. Wedding planners in Temecula will work with you to assemble the best vendors that are a perfect fit stylistically for your wedding. They will connect you to a florist, DJ, photographer and all the best wedding venues in Temecula wineries, but the best part is they will eliminate 127.5 arguments you are guaranteed to have with your future husband/wife if you make the mistake of trying to plan and coordinate the wedding yourself.

By making the wise decision to hire a kick Temecula wedding planner brides can avoid a potential nightmare scenario such as the florist getting the arrival time incorrect, photographer not submitting insurance documentation to work at the Temecula wedding venue, or literally the hundreds of possible headaches that can occur before, during, or after the wedding event. From permits and city ordinances to clean up and deposits, wedding coordinators will make sure you are taken care of. Their expertise managing every twist-and-turn of a wedding day truly is invaluable. As a Temecula wedding photographer who has documented hundreds of wine country weddings over the past 9 years, I beg you not to leave the important task of coordinating your wedding to your mother or a friend. I have seen more good-intentioned close friends and family members miserably fail with the basics of coordinating or planning a Temecula wedding. Experience truly matters. Personally, I have photographed hundreds of Temecula wine country weddings, understand the job description of other vendors, and have firsthand knowledge of how a wedding day should go, but I do not think for a second I could coordinate a wedding. Heck no! Thankfully, I have experience working with the best event planners in Temecula and will do my best to guide you to these talented people. Because the last thing you want is an unorganized, cluster-fucked wedding experience.

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Michelle Garibay Events

  • 2019 Knot PRO Educator
  • Award-Winning Temecula Event Planner
  • Temecula Wedding House Vendor of The Year 2019
  • Recognized as a Top 50 Wedding Planner In California 

Why I Love Event Planning: Temecula weddings are often chaotic, high-stress events, which is great because they allow me to utilize my two strengths as a planner. The first being the creative, visionary strength that allows me to design an event to meet my bride’s vision, combined with my second strength of organizational skills. Michelle Garibay Events has a dedicated team of Temecula coordinators who have overseen 400+ wedding events, witnessing everything a person could possibly imagine on a wedding day. We have the experience of handling every curveball or change of plans, elegantly and professionally so our brides can enjoy every moment of their wedding day. I truly thrive on delivering a service that brings happiness and joy for my clients so they can sincerely have the wedding of their dreams.

Do you need a planner for your Temecula wedding? Contact Michelle at (951) 234-7629 or set up a free 30-minute consultation by CLICKING HERE!

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Day of Wedding Coordinator Temecula

Any couple planning an intimate Temecula wine country wedding or even Temecula elopement at one of the many stunning private estates with vineyard views should strongly consider hiring a day-of coordinator. Day of wedding coordinator Temecula planner packages actually help a couple by assisting with all of the “big stuff” and do so about a month out from the wedding date, not just the day of the event. Pretty cool right? The reason is that day-of wedding coordinators take the time to go over wedding service contracts from all your vendors, the timeline for the wedding day, and other details so you have a kick-ass wedding. Additional benefits of investing in a day of coordinator for your Temecula wedding can include:

  • Venue walkthrough with the couple
  • Providing referrals for wedding photographers, florists, etc.
  • Overseeing wedding service contracts of other vendors
  • Designing personalized timelines to fit your desires for the wedding day
  • On-site coordination to help with planning and organization

As Lead Wedding Planner Cara Goset of Michelle Garibay Events & Wedding Planning explains, “Day of coordination is a fucking fallacy“. Cara is a fantastic coordinator who has overseen both A-list celebrity weddings and intimate rustic Temecula winery weddings, and what she is saying is that a day of coordinator doesn’t just show up on your wedding day. They organize the basic wedding planning details ahead of time to be sure that on your wedding day everything is set up perfectly. Then they stay on-site to address any potential issues if they occur on the wedding day. Day of coordination packages offered by Temecula wedding planners include many hours of oversight way before the actual wedding date, and trust me that is a very good thing for the bride and groom! 

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Event Planners Temecula

One of the benefits of working together with a highly-rated event planner in Temecula wine country is the experience they bring to each unique wedding. Temecula wedding planners can efficiently manage $250,000 events with 400 person guest counts, to intimate weddings among family and close friends. This means connecting you to the best floral designers, artists who can create custom wedding invitations, local bridal salons, and everything else to make certain your wedding and event is amazing! Every couple is different and so too are their wedding and event planning needs. So if you are planning for a quiet Temecula elopement in a peaceful vineyard, or putting together an epic party at one of the high-end, all inclusive wedding packages in Temecula, an event planner can be a true asset. Kick ass Temecula wedding planning professionals work closely with each bride and groom to help them create their wedding goals from the cozy to the crazy. They will provide detailed answers and solutions to anyone planning a Temecula destination wedding such as:

  • Where to elope in Temecula
  • Event venues Temecula
  • Barn weddings in Temecula
  • Temecula elopement venues
  • Outdoor wedding venues in Temecula, ca

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Temecula Gay Wedding Planner

I hate to say this but the truth is some people are just really fucking lame. But that is probably not much of a shocker to you. Unfortunately, there are a number of wedding vendors from photographers to wedding planners in the Temecula area that are not LGTBQ friendly. Personally, my only concern when booking a client is that they are fun people ready to have a kick ass time at their wedding. This is the reason I only provide referrals to Temecula wedding planning teams that 1) are really fucking good at their jobs, 2) can keep a smile on their face while operating in a stressful environment, and 3) are more than happy to work with any couple regardless if they are old, young, black, white, straight, or gay. With that being said, here is my list of the 5 best Temecula wedding planners:

Top 5 Wedding & Event Planners In Temecula

  1. Michelle Garibay Events
  2. Celebrations By Diana
  3. Amore Events
  4. Fawn Events
  5. Compass Design Events
  6. Classy Kay Events
  7. Simply Gorgeous Events
  8. Kelsey Rae Designs 
  9. Classic Touch Events

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Wedding Planner & Coordination Cost Temecula 

Weddings are a big investment, and I know that firsthand since my wife and I self-funded our small 75-person backyard wedding in Temecula wine country. So I am very mindful and understand that every single couple has a budget they must work within if they want to have enough funds available for cocktails on a beach during their honeymoon. However, couples planning a Temecula wedding truly can’t afford not to hire a wedding coordinator. They truly bring that much value to a wedding day. Temecula wedding planners will deal with the chaos of the wedding day, turning that stress into magic. Therefore, couples planning a cozy wedding with less than 100 guests might spend $5,000-$6000 on Temecula wedding planner packages, with comprehensive packages for large weddings at some of the popular venues such as South Coast Winery, Ponte Winery, and Wilson Creek Winery running closer to $10,000. The best advice is to set up a free 30-minute consultation with a Temecula wedding planner professional so they can customize a package specifically to your unique wedding day needs. Because at the end of the day you don’t want to be talking about the things that went wrong every year on your wedding anniversary. You want to remember all the good times and say to each other, “Hot damn that was a fucking awesome wedding!”

P.S. Be very cautious about getting married in the Summer months in Temecula. Wine country is beautiful but it is important to understand temperatures can routinely get well into triple digits out here, which is not good for your groom and his groomsmen. Especially, if they are all wearing 5-piece black tuxes! I have literally seen guys faint from the heat, and that does not even factor in that a sweaty groom is not the best look for your wedding photos. 

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Top 10 Temecula Wedding Venues

In no particular order, below are the top 10 outdoor wedding venues in Temecula, CA, as well as Temecula winery wedding venues according to online reviews from real brides and industry professionals. 

  1. Europa Village 
  2. Temecula Creek Inn
  3. Ponte Winery 
  4. SouthCoast Winery
  5. Lake Oak Meadows
  6. Mount Palomar Winery
  7. Callaway Winery
  8. Falkner Winery
  9. Wien’s Family Cellars
  10. Galway Downs

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