Temecula Winery Photo Booth

Photo Booth

Getting the opportunity to shoot a wedding at any of the local Temecula wineries is awesome. This is because the environment is gorgeous, details are always top-notch and Temecula is my local hood. Therefore, the drive home from the wedding is only ten minutes for me, compared to the hour or so when I take wedding photos in San Diego or Orange County. Although I have captured wedding and engagement pictures at South Coast Winery, Wilson Creek Winery and a number of the other popular wineries in Temecula, I had never been to Lorimar Winery. This is partly because the place literally opened up last Wednesday! Therefore, when my pals at Inner Song asked me to help them with a wedding there, I was excited to check the venue out and see what the place had to offer. There was only one catch, Inner Song didn’t need my assistance as a secondary shooter, but rather as a photo-booth operator.

For those who aren’t familiar with photo-booths, basically a backdrop is set-up, different props such as cowboy hats, goofy glasses and wrestling masks are available for people to wear, and the photographer just snaps away at people as they walk in for a little fun. Photo-booths are always entertaining, and get wedding guests into the mood to party. Old, young, tall, short, drunk or sober, everyone rocks while in the photo-booth! Although this Temecula wedding photographer was not able to rock the photos of the ceremony, I was still able to bring the heat in the photo-booth baby! Here are some of the photos I shot while rocking the photo-booth at Lorimar Winery this past Saturday night! Let’s go!

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