Thanksgiving 2011

Looking back upon these images I took on Thanksgiving, it is fairly obvious that I began hitting the sauce at 11:00 a.m. Of course since it was the holidays I kept it classy by drinking champagne… you know the good stuff that requires you to pop a cork instead of a hole in a box. We are talking Cook’s baby! Since we were splashing a little cranberry juice with the champagne it would have been silly to purchase expensive booze.  DARN RIGHT SILLY! Anyway, these photos are a collection of our time together during Thanksgiving! As my friends and extended family members may notice, my brother Sean and Dad were absent from the holiday festivities. DON’T WORRY!!!! They are okay, they simply had a scheduling conflict that forced them to sleep all day and watch television instead.

Of all the photos, my favorite is in the very last row where there is a shot of Sinatra jumping. I took that image while sitting on my kitchen counter as he was trying to jump onto the counter and get some turkey. He is a very persistent little ****er  who wouldn’t stop going for it. This probably is slightly due to the fact that he needs obedience schooling in the worst way possible (please send me your contact info Cesar Millan). I will now pass the baton onto Corissa and let her finish the story of our Thanksgiving. Cheers!

Helloooooo Internet world!  This is Corissa! I like the spa, wine and reading, but there is nothing I love more in this world than Ryan. I should rub his feet like every day because he is so rad. He is ripped like A.C. Slater, but has the crafty wit of a Zack Morris. We are talking the whole package, both mentally and physically (he is also hung like a heeee-haaaawww)! Basically, I am going to start walking around the house in a bikini and feed him ice cold beers all the time because he is the most awesome person ever!!!! Okay, this is not Corissa, it is still Ryan….. Here is Corissa for real. Take it away toots!

Wow! How do I follow that? I don’t even know where to start! Well, he got the spa, wine and reading part right! lol! I also love to cook.  This was my first Thanksgiving cooking for the family. Last year it was just Ryan and me and my turkey came out a little dry. This year I got it right though. I cooked the turkey in a buttered paper bag and it came out of the oven literally falling off the bone! The meal was a success and the company was great. It was also a learning experience for me, because it made me realize how much I’m missing in the kitchen and gave me a great start to my wedding registry list ( e.g. gravy boat, butter dish, serving platter). Hopefully, next year, I can give my fabulous meal an equally impressive presentation.

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All photos were captured by Temecula Wedding Photographers Rock This Moment