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Planning a wedding in Temecula can be a long (and sometimes a little painful) process. But the good news is when all the wedding planning details are complete a little rest and relaxation is called for! Engaged couples heading out to Temecula for their weekend wedding should indulge in the good times and celebrate with family and friends. That means drinks, good eats, bad dancing and endless champagne. Unfortunately, most people traveling to Temecula for their destination weddings are not familiar with the area so finding the kick ass spots is not so easy. Well fear not soon-to-be brides and grooms because this Temecula wedding photographer has complied a list of the top 5 places to party in Temecula (in no particular order) so when you come out this way you can have a awesome time!

1. Pechanga Casino

Easily the most popular spot for those visiting Temecula, Pechanga offers pretty much everything. They have the most amazing golf course (seriously one of my all-time favorites), comedy shows, a kick ass pool area, tons of dining options and of course gambling. So head over to the round bar with your groomsmen and bridesmaids, head up to the Eagle’s Nest located at the top of the tower to get a view of the entire city or just win some cash money yo! Pechanga is definitely a rad spot to check out if you have a large group of friends and family who want to party.

2. South Coast Winery & Spa

For soon-to-be brides and grooms looking for a more relaxed wedding weekend, South Coast Winery and Spa is the perfect getaway. Located in the heart of Temecula wine country, South Coast Winery & Spa offers private villas, a popular day spa, pool area for soaking up that California sunshine, amazing restaurant that could also be perfect for a wedding rehearsal dinner, wine tasting and more! Personally, I prefer a location with a little more energy but my wife absolutely loves South Coast Winery & Spa so maybe this is more of a “girl’s trip” location.

3. Thompson & Twain Prospecting Co.

Thompson and Twain is f***ing awesome! Seriously. My favorite bar in Temecula right now, Thompson & Twain Prospecting Co. is a very small and intimate speak easy hidden inside Crush & Brew in Old Town Temecula. What I love most about this place is the vintage early 1900s decor, amazing speciality drinks and of course how there are no televisions. Yes that means you might actually have to look someone in the eyes and talk with them. It might feel a little strange at first but it is totally normal.

4. The Stampede

For those country music loving types the Stampede in Old Town Temecula is definitely the place you want to go. The Stampede offers line dancing, multiple bars, pool tables and of course a mechanical bull which is perfect for damaging your nut sack. Oh and trust me the dudes operating the mechanical bull love to wreck the non-cowboy type folks. But the Stampede is fun and is always packed so head on down with your wedding crew, take some line dancing lessons and rip it up!

5. Shamrock Irish Pub

If you love live music, good people and traditional tavern style drinks than Shamrock Irish Pub is the place you want to visit. Named the best Irish pub in California by BuzzFeed, Shamrock always has awesome events going on whether it is a live band, dueling pianos, trivia night, comedy shows and more. The owner Paul is an amazing guy who makes everyone feel welcomed and the vibe at this place is pretty much always friendly.

Temecula has a lot of other rad places Old Town and wine country so please feel free to check out some of the other restaurants and bars the city has to offer. Enjoy your time while in Temecula but don’t get so crazy to where you are hungover on your wedding day!