Valley Center Wedding Photography

So a couple weeks ago I am in downtown San Diego celebrating a friend’s 30th birthday and drinking like Charlie Sheen two days into a wild bender when my cell phone rings (Ring, Ring!). Naturally, I answer the phone after about a 10 second delay so I can catch the beginning portion of my “Highway to the Danger Zone” ring tone. On the other end of the phone is my fiancee’s good friend Rene. Rene and I are not phone buddies so I was initially a little puzzled why she would be calling me. I figured she probably wanted to talk cowboy hats, craps or one of my many other personal interests. After speaking with her for a little bit she told me that she was brought on to photograph a close family friend’s wedding. Since I am a wedding photographer in Temecula, she wanted to ask me some questions about shooting a ceremony. Being about 6 beers deep and talking a million miles an hour, I probably overwhelmed her with information about detail shots, family shots, groomsmen shots, bridesmaids shots, wedding party shots etc. At this point in time I really wanted to get back to my scotch so I told her I would second shoot for her, or she could assist me, whichever way she felt more comfortable. Well, last Saturday the wedding of her friends Brenton and Jen came along, and here are some of the wedding photos I shot of the event that took place in Valley Center!

The ceremony and reception for Brenton and Jen’s wedding all took place at his families’ backyard. It was a unique and intimate little shin-ding with roughly about 75 guests. Even though the wedding ran behind schedule (what wedding doesn’t?) everything came together quite nicely.

I have been really loving black and white images lately for some odd reason. Maybe it is because my lady has been watching lots of “I Love Lucy” reruns or maybe it is because I have been less than enthusiastic about my color editing. Whatever the reason, this whole next sequence is brought to you totally 100% in black and white so hold on to your horses because we are going for a ride YEEEEEE HAAAAAW!

And to top it all of we will end with “one last dance, one last chance” -D. Summers. Thank you Brenton and Jen for allowing me to take photographs of you and drink your beer! As your papa said “May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind always be at your back, may the sun shine warm upon your face, and rains fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand.” …. May your beer also be cold and your women be hot! Congrats!