Vienna Marie

To My Daughter Vienna

Temecula Birth Story Photographer

Vienna. My beautiful, loving daughter. Where do I even begin your story? Should I start by telling you about the first time I met your Mother over 15 years ago? Or how about Easter in 2011 when your Mother said yes when I asked her to marry me in San Diego? Or maybe the story should really begin in October of 2012 when your Mom became my wife? Identifying the starting point to your story is so difficult to pinpoint because there are so many important moments that all led up to you being with us, but please allow me try by telling you about my 31st birthday.

August 24th, 2013 began with your Mom anxiously waking me up while I was still in bed. For some reason that year she wanted me to open my birthday gifts before I did anything. Even though I was tired, I obliged, and then felt confused what the big commotion was all about for a pair of sunglasses that didn’t fit and a vest that would make me look a little more stylish when I shot weddings. That is when your Mother gave me a cigar. However, what made this cigar special was not the brand or aroma of this particular cigar but rather the contents inside (by the way smoking cigars is very bad so you are totally grounded if I catch you smoking one). When I popped open the cigar case what fell out was a pregnancy test that was positive. At that very moment I knew you were on your way and could not be happier.

April 29th, 2014. This was your due date according to the doctors. So for 9 long months your Mother would diligently do her hour of yoga, listen to her hypno-birthing before bed every night, walk the dogs, eat healthy and talk to you about your life. She would sit in your nursery and talk with you about us, the dogs and everything you could expect when you decided to join us. I even spoke with you at times and would feel your kicks through your Mother’s belly. They seemed to spike up most frequently late in the evening. From the very start we both knew you were a girl.

April 29th came and passed. So did April 30th. Then May 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th. Clearly, the doctors under-estimated the stubborn qualities of the Taurus. However, on May 7th at 2:00 a.m. your Mom began to feel you prepare for our first face-to-face meeting. It was a rough day that led all the way into the morning hours of May 8th. Seeing your mom go through so much pain for so long was very difficult for your Dad to see, but her tenacity and refusal to take any form of pain medication was truly inspiring. She said from day one that she wanted a completely natural birth for you and even though there were so many times she could have taken drugs to make things more bearable she refused. She took no pain medication throughout a 27-hour labor. She refused this for you.

May 8th, 2014 5:21 a.m. After over 24 hours of your Mom and Dad not sleeping, 12 hours at the hospital and 9+ months of long waiting, you finally came home to us. The very moment you made your presence in this world was life-changing for your Mom and Dad, which is actually quite impressive for a 7lb 10 oz little girl to be able to do. Your soft cries penetrated the dimly lit hospital room while at the same time announcing your arrival to this new strange world. The look of pure love filled the eyes of your Mother and my heart absolutely melted when I caught sight of you. Instantly, I could see you as a toddler playing with Sinatra and Lucy, having shopping dates with your Grandmas and of course one day of me walking you down the aisle on your wedding. Maybe even telling you about your story when you have a daughter of your own some day. Vienna, there are no words that could express the joy you have brought to our family and I can guarantee you that nobody will be a better inspiration or source of guidance than your Mother. She is as beautiful and amazing as you are. I will simply try not to screw things up too much and bring pizza home from time to time. But just know that everything we ever do will be with your happiness in our minds and hearts. We love you Vienna.