Wedding Photographer In Yosemite

Last November, I ran into an old friend while we were both working out at the gym. Normally, I do not like being interrupted during my workout regiment that is so manly and tough that it makes even Navy SEALs shutter. This is the type of workout that combines mixed martial arts, wood chopping and hunting, all performed in sub zero temperatures while in the nude. However, when I saw Tenaya and heard through the woods she was engaged, I decided to take a break from my stair-stepper and catch up with her a bit.

Tenaya and I talked about wedding planning, how we were both looking at destination wedding venues and of course wedding photography. Since I recently began working as a Temecula wedding photographer I told her I would be glad to put together a little local engagement shoot with her and her fiancée Chad if she could hook up some personal training sessions (Chad is a personal trainer at Gold’s Gym in Murrieta, and he is literally the most fit guy you or I have ever seen in person). She talked it over with him, and we had ourselves a deal…even though she already booked some other guy to photograph their wedding.

To make the photo-shoot more fun I acquired the assistance of another local Temecula Wedding Photographer named Justin who is the man behind Inner Song Photography. Together we rocked the s*** out of this shoot! Here is a link to his photos at the Murrieta mill, and below are some of my images.

After the shoot, Tenaya informed me that she and Chad felt more comfortable with me as their photographer, and that they enjoyed my photographs more than the images captured by their hired help during an earlier engagement shoot. Knowing she already put down some cash for a deposit, we worked out a deal that would allow her to break away from her commitment with him, while still allowing me to travel to Yosemite with a second shooter to photograph her wedding.

This all happened months ago, and now Tenaya and Chad are literally only one week away from tying the knot in Yosemite. Through online search and their past experience visiting Yosemite, we have the locations all figured out where we will be shooting. The details are being finalized and everything is now scheduled to get crazy next Saturday in one of the most gorgeous places on Earth.

I am writing this blog post because I can’t recall anytime I have been so excited and nervous to shoot a wedding since probably the very first time I photographed a wedding on my own. I am very lucky to be given the opportunity to photograph such an awesome couple in such a awesome location. Since I have never visited Yosemite and have always wanted to make the journey north bound to the location that made Ansel Adams famous, this destination wedding has an extra sense of meaning to me. I will be stocking up on memory cards, bear pepper spray, and be hiding all picnic baskets. Also, I am traveling with a man as a second shooter which is an additional plus because women attract bears. The bears can smell the menstruation, and that would put the whole news office in danger.

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