Wedding Photographers In Yosemite

Yosemite Wedding

Destination wedding photography is something that excites every person who makes a living with their camera. This is because having the opportunity to shoot in new locations with different scenery is a welcomed change of pace that can be very inspiring for a wedding photographer. That is why when Tenaya and Chad told me during their engagement session in Murrieta they planned on having their wedding ceremony take place in Yosemite, I instantly became excited. First of all, Tenaya and Chad are an awesome couple that seriously can’t take a bad picture. They are attractive, fun and full of good energy. Simply being around them makes you want to go to the gym, change your diet and take karate lessons at the YMCA. So obviously I was stoked for the opportunity to just shoot their wedding. But since Yosemite was also a place I always wanted to visit, I knew the entire experience was going to be rad. So without further to do (insert drumroll)…please welcome to the stage…Chad and Tenaya!

Being a a Temecula wedding photographer means having a portfolio full of winery weddings. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy shooting the s*** out of places such as South Coast Winery or any number of the awesome wineries in Temecula. But there is just something special and unique about Yosemite. The place seriously is filled with magic. I wouldn’t be surprised if David Copperfield and Chris Angel were born there, or at least owned a time share somewhere in the area.
Since I was going to be roughly six hours away from home base for this wedding I contacted a Orange County wedding photographer named Caleb to second shoot with me. He is a young guy new to the wedding business game who also prefers to sleep in the nude. I discovered this during our first night at the cabin. Although we reached a verbal agreement that he would keep his boxers on during the trip, I had my doubts about him when in the middle of some sort of night terror he began whispering the name Justin Beiber? I was a little freaked out, and actually considered sleeping outside with the bears. He also snores. But he did his job and got the shots we needed!

Tenaya and Chad, if you are reading this let me first start by saying “hi”. Glad you could make it to my photo blog! I had a blast shooting your wedding, and even though Chad made me feel sick to my stomach with his erratic driving on the windy roads of Yosemite, I could not have asked for a cooler couple to shoot. You guys seriously rock! And thank you for the champagne! I thoroughly enjoyed drinking it!