Wedding Photography At Ponte Winery

When a potential client by the name of Ryan called me up and told me that he was getting married in late August, needed a Temecula wedding photographer and that the ceremony site would be Ponte Winery, I have to admit I had mixed emotions. The reason for this is because most of the people who choose a winery in the Temecula valley as the ceremony and reception site on their big day tend to be more conservative in their personalities. These are the type of people you would feel more comfortable talking politics or the state of the economy with rather than sports and drinking stories. Since I only take on a very few number of weddings each year, I feel it is critical that both the bride and groom understand my energy, personality and unique style to wedding photography. I also prefer beer over wine. However, once I spoke with Ryan over the course of a couple days it was obvious he liked to rock. I instantly began looking forward to his and Nicole’s wedding, even though the ceremony was the day after my birthday. That meant I would have to maintain myself the day before in order to prevent being hungover for the wedding ceremony. The end result was somewhere in the middle, but that did not stop this small wedding of about 60 people from being one of my top 10 all-time favorites ever being part of. So without further to do, here are my photographs of the Sipp wedding that took place at Ponte Winery. ENJOY!

These girls seriously made me and my camera smile all day long. Even though the the beautiful young lady on the far right was a bit sassy **I mean that in the most endearing way possible Kristen**, these girls could not take a bad shot. What was even better was that they continued to mix up the shots all day long, especially Natalie. Also known as the sister of the bride (with her arm on Nicole), Natalie was a lot like Will Ferrell’s character Buddy in the movie Elf. By this I mean she liked to smile because smiling was her favorite! And to be honest it really paid off because she straight killed the photo sessions! When I first met the bridal party they told me they were going to give me amazing pictures and they did not disappoint at all. So thank you ladies!!!

Okay so I have to give some background info about the photograph above, which also happened to be the moment of the reception. Nicole, the maid of honor, not the bride, heard the DJ play a jam she simply could not sit on the sidelines while playing. When sugar went down to get her bump and grind on, the sound of fabric ripping filled the night time sky. It was though the music had stopped completely, and the only thing heard was the tearing of the beautiful black bridesmaid dress. Of course this was quickly followed by two things 1)  the shrieking howl of a young woman, and 2) the complete exposure of one bridesmaid’s bum. Truly an awesome moment, and by far one of my favorite photographs during a reception of all-time! Thank you for this Nicole. Thank you.

Ryan and Nicole, you guys were seriously amazing! Congrats on the new home, wedding and of course the little one soon on the way. I truly had a blast shooting your wedding! You seem to have a very close group of tight friends full of personality that really rock. Great people, great times! Cheers to you all!

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