Wedding Photography Reviews

Showing The Love With Reviews

Being a wedding photographer also means being a small business owner. That means along with duties shooting, sorting and editing photographs, those of us who have chosen a path to peruse artistic expression must also focus on a number of other things related to growing a business. Learning web design, blogging photos, making business cards, networking with other vendors, optimizing content for better search engine placement, giving total attention to email inquires or phone calls, documenting every expense for taxes and so many other things are focal points in the daily life of a person who simply wants to take pictures as an occupation. There are no 401ks, sick days off or visible security being an artist. As photographers we know that if our work is good enough and has the right exposure that we can continue working our dream jobs, and that is why so many of us depend heavily on things like word-of-mouth advertising and reviews to generate business in our local markets.

A quality review is worth it’s weight in gold. Detailed reviews by past clients are awesome because they let other potential clients understand what to expect from a wedding photographer. Reviews can state a number important things such as if the wedding photographer captured solid photos, got the digital images to the couple is a swift fashion or made the bride and groom feel comfortable. Couples can share their personal experiences and stories about the wedding photographer by writing a review, helping other potential couples find the best shooters in their area. Not to mention, a good review will also help the wedding photographer keep a good reputation, something that can continue helping them generate business and delivering quality work in the future.

Personally, this Temecula wedding photographer will occasionally ask clients if they can post a review about their personal experience with Rock This Moment Photography on Yelp or Google Review. This is because Yelp is one of the most popular online review sites, and Google Review helps with localized Internet searches. However, a lot of other wedding photographers prefer reviews on wedding sites such as The Knot. Regardless of where the review is posted, all wedding photographers greatly appreciate it when a client takes the time to share their positive experiences with the online community.

By writing reviews or even dropping comments on a wedding photographers’ blog, clients are supporting the arts, a local business and of course the individual or company that took their wedding photos. Any client that can take a few moments out of their busy life to write a review is amazing. Personally, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it when a Rock This Moment client posts a review about my wedding photography. Kind words should be spread if they are deserved, so if your wedding photographer took rad photos and helped make your big day special, please take a few minutes and write a review about them. Everyone can use a good pat on the back, including a super awesome picture taking wedding photographer!

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