Wedding Photos At Wilson Creek Winery

Wedding At Temecula Wilson Creek Winery

Wilson Creek Wedding Photos

Ever since Renee and Collin’s engagement session at Dana Point and San Juan Capistrano I was looking forward to photographing their Temecula winery wedding. These two enjoy life, enjoy a good drink and most importantly enjoy the company of each other, which as a wedding photographer makes my “job” super easy. The candid moments just keep happening and all I need to do is keep clicking the shutter. The day started across the street from Wilson Creek Winery at the Wilson Creek Manor which was where the groom, bride, wedding party and family all got ready. We played some ping pong, smashed some cold ones and snapped away the first look on site before heading over to Wilson Creek for the actual ceremony. Unfortunately, things got a little wacky when a old couple who were level 10 on the intoxication meter crashed their vehicle into the father of the groom’s car. That would have been a bad situation in normal circumstances but the drunk man driving decided he better flee the scene before anybody caught him. Thankfully, I was outside at the time scouting the first look spot, saw the incident, snapped his license plate info with my 70-200mm lens and yelled out to him, “Hey you dumb mother f***er I already got you on camera so you might as well get back!” Donnie Drunk-O heard me and came back which probably saved him some serious jail time, but the law enforcement still took him away in handcuffs and needed my information as a witness to the crime. After I was done saving the day, I took off my Superman cape, found the first look spot and carried photographing Renee, Collin and the party they rocked at Wilson Creek. So here are the photographs from Renee and Collin’s wedding. Ready, set, boom!



Palm Springs Wedding Photographer Rock This Moment

Also I would like to say thank you to my friend Reuben, a wedding photographer in Fullerton, who really helped me document the day so much better. You ROCK Reuben! Oh and here is a quick photo I snapped of the drunk guy in the story I mentioned earlier. Hopefully, the drunk tank wasn’t so bad early in the day and he was able to get his act together after the incident. This is America and there is nothing we love more than a comeback story so I am rooting for you old drunk guy!