Wedding Photos Bahia Resort, San Diego

San Diego Wedding Photographers

San Diego. Drink it slow because it always goes down good. I have photographed a number of weddings in this gorgeous city, but this trip to San Diego was a little more special to me because it marked the kick-off to my 2013 wedding season! That means all the editing and personal photos sessions I did over the Winter were nothing more than training for days like this. I have to admit I was a little bit nervous. Therefore, I put on the strongest deodorant possible, my lucky yellow “I’m awesome at ping pong t-shirt” and headed down to San Diego with my good friend Anthony Carabajal. We are both a couple of Temecula wedding photographers who you would think should hate each other since we are both competing for the same clients in the same area, but nothing could be further from the truth. He is a very talented wedding photographer and I always enjoy working and collaborating with him along with my other friends in the area who also photograph weddings for a living. Here is the story of our day photographing Erik and Dani’s wedding at the Bahia Resort in San Diego told in nothing else than images. Anthony had the pleasure of taking photos of the girls so as you scroll down you will notice the testosterone is flowing a little thick, but don’t worry! This story is not about the groomsmen, but rather of the super romantic, epic, magical beach wedding of Erik & Dani. Now go grab yourself a glass of something delightful, kick back and soak in the good!

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