Wedding Proposal Photos In Temecula

Wedding Proposal In TemeculaI’ve been a wedding photographer in Temecula, California for roughly 5 years now and I must say it continues to be rad photographing couples who party hard in the Temecula wineries. I’ve seen grandparents take shots of Patron, groomsmen strip down to a pink speedo on the dance floor, brides do keg stands and more awesomeness in one day then I ever experienced at my previous jobs. But as much as I love shooting weddings the only thing that probably tops it is photographing wedding proposals in Temecula wine country. As a photographer, I strive to capture authenticity. Real moments. Not some dip-kiss by a water fountain garbage that evokes zero emotion from the viewer. And that’s what makes wedding proposals so awesome. The couple isn’t worried about what they are wearing, what to do with their hands, if their hair looks bad from the wind or any other weird things you might hear at a wedding or on a engagement photoshoot. During a wedding proposal you get high energy, emotion and excitement. It’s pretty f***ing awesome and a true pleasure to photograph. This is why I was pumped when Randy contacted me about photographing his wedding proposal to his girlfriend Danielle in wine country Temecula at Ponte.

Randy took Danielle to Temecula wine country for a weekend of drinking (I mean classy wine tasting), and he told her he hired a photographer to snap some photos of their day together. This was awesome because normally with wedding proposal photography I have to hide in the bushes like Rambo in First Blood. So yeah this was way better! We started our time together with some wine tasting at South Coast Winery before heading over to Ponte Winery for more wine tasting. While at Ponte Winery we snapped some photos of Randy and Danielle just hanging out, drinking wine and relaxing. After a couple hours into the day, Randy reached into his smelly sock and pulled out an engagement ring. I couldn’t hear exactly what his sales pitch was, but I knew it worked when Danielle said, “yes”! The day kicked ass and I was stoked to be a part of it. Below are some of the photos from the wedding proposal in Temecula.

Wedding Proposal In TemeculaWedding Proposal In TemeculaWedding Proposal In TemeculaWedding Proposal In TemeculaWedding Proposal In TemeculaWedding Proposal In TemeculaWedding Proposal In Temecula