Wedding Rehearsal Dinner In Temecula

Temecula Wedding rehearsal

Places To Eat For Rehearsal Dinner In Temecula

As a wedding photographer in Temecula, one of the most frequent questions I receive from soon-to-be brides and grooms before their Temecula weddings is if I know some of the best local places to go for rehearsal dinner. As a person who has lived in Temecula for over 15 years, I can say that the food options today are the best they have ever been, giving those looking for a good spot for their wedding rehearsal dinner multiple winning options. Temecula offers both restaurants with the more traditional rehearsal dinner vibe as well as locations for those wanting to have a little more fun. So whether your wedding party wants to sip on some wine or indulge in some craft beers, here are (in no particular order) some of the most popular places to eat for a wedding rehearsal dinner in Temecula!

Vineyard Rose At South Coast Winery

For soon-to-be brides and grooms looking for a restaurant that offers that wine-country vibe with elegant dining, Vineyard Rose at South Coast Winery is probably the best spot for you. Vineyard Rose has a private dining area, entrées paired with award-winning wines, menu items with locally grown produce, and a seriously awesome wait staff. They really take care of you at Vineyard Rose, especially if you are having an event such as a wedding rehearsal dinner. The Temecula wine country restaurant also has a cool little terrace and bar where people can hang out after dinner if they want to have post-dinner drinks. I personally really love to rock the mushroom risotto with a Stone IPA when I eat at Vineyard Rose.

The Restaurant At Ponte

Another one of the kick-ass restaurants in Temecula wine country, The Restaurant at Ponte is perfect for those seeking an intimate dinner and top-shelf dining experience paired with some tasty eats. The Restaurant has a few options for those wanting to plan a wedding rehearsal dinner with the Decanter Room, Reserve Room, Vineyard Pavilion or Barrell Room, making it the perfect location for those with a large wedding party. After lunch or dinner, guests can also roam the area, checking out the vineyard views while sipping on a glass of the good stuff. But the reason why I personally love The Restaurant at Ponte is because of the vegetarian lasagna. OH. MY. GAWD….it is amazing!

Blackbird Tavern

One of the trendiest spots in Old Town Temecula, Blackbird Tavern is for the younger couple looking to break away from the traditional wedding rehearsal dinner vibe. Blackbird has a really rad atmosphere, a variety of craft cocktails and beers, and a cool patio section, and is a perfect place to hang out and socialize after dinner. This Temecula restaurant has a blend of traditional southern California food from fire-roasted pizza to burgers. Blackbird also will work closely with any couples looking to host a wedding rehearsal dinner at their location, whether that be on the side patio, yard, or main dining area. Honestly, Blackbird is a really cool place and one of my personal favorites (You will usually find me with an IPA in hand near the outdoor fire pits), so definitely put Blackbird on your to-do list if you are looking for a fun place to hang out at even if you decide it is a little too casual for your wedding rehearsal dinner! Oh, and another benefit of Blackbird is it is in the heart of Old Town Temecula so after dinner you can cruise Front Street and maybe check out my favorite spot for drinks, Thompson and Twain speakeasy!

Luke’s On Front Street

Located in popular Old Town Temecula, Luke’s on Front Street is most known for having a kick-ass view of the downtown area of Front Street. With its second-story views, patrons can relax by fire pits, sip on some tasty cocktails and view the shenanigans going on in Old Town. The restaurant has a private room that can be rented out for rehearsal dinners where wedding parties can have a little privacy while grubbing down on American fusion-style foods. They have a really good mushroom burger here and the fries are pretty freaking tasty!

Karl Strauss Brewery

For a wedding party that loves craft beer and a lively atmosphere, Karl Strauss is the perfect Temecula restaurant to host a wedding rehearsal dinner. Karl Stauss is a restaurant and brewery that offers an outdoor patio section with multiple fire pits, as well as private and semi-private dining options. Honestly, I love this place because I am a craft beer junkie so I visit Karl Strauss for their Tower 10 IPA and veggie burger almost every other week. If you want something more traditional for your wedding rehearsal at least try and find time to stop in at Karl Strauss for beers at some point while you are visiting Temecula! Preferably during happy hour which is from 3-6!

Temecula has a lot of really good, kick-ass restaurants that would be the perfect setting for a wedding rehearsal dinner so please don’t necessarily limit your options to this very small list. This list of places in Temecula for wedding rehearsal dinners is only a guide based on my personal experience both living here and talking with past brides and grooms. So if you want to rock your wedding rehearsal dinner at a little taco shop then do it! Just make sure that you have fun and get to sleep at a decent hour because, from the perspective of the wedding photographer, it sucks to walk into a groom or bridal suite where everyone is hungover! Save the hangovers for after the wedding!