Wilson Creek Winery Wedding Photos

temecula winery wedding

Brad and Marjorie are a Temecula power couple that spend most of their time listening to reggae, drinking wine and playing the type of high-tempo ping pong that would literally make Forrest Gump puke up that entire box of chocolates he ate while sitting on the bus bench telling random strangers his stories of domination. Yes, Brad and Marjorie are what you would call awesome and who I would call my friends. That is why this Temecula wedding photographer was excited when the power couple asked him to shoot their June nuptials at Wilson Creek Winery. While having a lovely Taco Tuesday with them, Brad grabbed me by the shirt, pulled me in real close and whispered with a delicate yet aggressive tone, “Ryan, I want you to photograph our wedding, and you are going to say yes”. I could tell he was serious by the sparkle in his eye and Dos Equis on his breath. I agreed, showed up 15 minutes earlier than the wedding contract stated and began capturing the whimsical romance of my two friends. Here is part of the story of Brad + Marjorie’s wedding day that starts at Brad+ Marjorie’s love den, moves to Ponte Winery and concludes at Wilson Creek Winery. Enjoy the madness.

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