Winning The Lottery

When I came out of my office this morning to take a break from editing some engagement photos, I walked into the living room where Corissa was watching her instructional yoga video. This may not sound odd, but the fact that she was doing yoga while holding two cans of Campbell’s vegetable soup seemed very strange in my mind. Naturally, I asked her if she was planning on making soup for dinner, as this seemed to be the only logical answer to connect the dots.

She told me no. That soup would not be on tonight’s menu.

After feeling a slight bit of excitement that Wednesday night would not be featuring vegetable soup as the main dinner course, I inquired what the heck she was doing with the soup cans. This is when she explained she had no weights to work out with while watching her yoga video so she instead opted for soup cans to provide resistance.

I assume you probably have the same blank stare on your face that I had when I heard this…

I don’t recall exactly where the conversation went from there, but I do know that somehow we eventually landed on the topic of the Mega Millions lottery. This was probably because the lottery reached some sort of record high, with estimates stating that the payout could be nearly half a billion dollars! Being a wedding photographer in Temecula, wrapping my brain around that much cheese was a difficult thing to do. Like most people, I earn money and pretty much spend it on rent, gas, food or other bills. Rarely, do I pamper myself in the way a handsome, nearly 30-year-old hunky grizzly bear deserves to be pampered. However, a financial windfall in the region of $500,000,000 would definitely provide the necessary tools to change all of that!

The topic of the lottery (and winning it) brought about a discussion on what I would do with the winnings. My first thoughts were hiring Dustin Diamond, Mario Lopez and the rest of the cast from Saved By The Bell, including Mr. Belding, and creating my own episode where I take Kelly Kapowski to the homecoming dance. This would allow me to live out one of my top 3 childhood fantasies. I then realized that all those people were probably broke and would likely star in my episode for like $20 and a bag of cheddar and sour cream Ruffles.

I was setting the bar much too low.

After knocking out the most obvious lottery-winner purchases such as a new car and home, I found myself not thinking so much about what I would change, but rather what I would keep the same in my life. The first thought was easy: keeping the lady. She loved me when I was broke, and when I went through that weird turtle-neck phase. That means she wasn’t going anywhere.

The second thought was work. I hate the idea of retiring, and plan on doing something productive every day until the mother-ship comes back to take me away. This applies now and will when I win the lottery. The only question is what would I want to do for work if money was not an option? The answer I came up with was…..a lot of stuff.

I love wedding photography, and capturing photographs in general. Therefore,  in some aspect I would continue to take photos, and improve my artistry as a photographer.

I love music, comedy, movies, investment, currency trading and animals. Some how I would do something to expand on each of those things as well.

With the half-a-billion dollar lottery right around the corner, what I am curious is not what people would change in their lives, but what things would they keep the same? As for me, when those 6 numbers hit, know that even if you don’t hear from me that I’m doing just fine!

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